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What Can Your Data Reveal to You?

​Data can reveal ​demographics of your ​customers such as ​gender, age, location, ​time, and other insights of the people who are buying or using your products and services​.

Knowing these facts helps you narrow down your paid advertising.

​​What's Their Gender

​​Knowing your customer's gender can affect the way you write your messages and even the images you use.

​Know Their Age Group

​Knowing the age group can direct you on the type of social media you want to utilize.


​Location can help with personalizing your message.

Who Am I?

​I am Cedric Liem and I ​am ​a digital marketer that can help you ​get more leads and qualified visitors for your business.

Cedric Liem

​My Case Studies

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​Cedric helped me boost my ​visitors by over 100%.

​My ​readers are loving my blog and I can't keep up with ​all the comments coming through!

Anna Olson Blogger

I hired many people with all these credentials on their resume. But, in the end, they underperformed.

Cedric gave me concrete examples of work and we tested them out on my magazine.

Now, I'll never look back!

Ella Johnson - Fashion Editor

​I moved to a new city and needed customers fast.

​I found Cedric online and he did some awesome SEO for my website and got me the custmers I needed to get me going.

​Forever grateful!

Maria Ferguson - Stylist

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